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Meet Jaxson Payne..

A detective struggling to put down roots. A single mother fighting to make ends meet.

Former homicide detective Jaxson Payne knows a thing or two about starting over. His marriage imploded after he broke his back serving as a Marine overseas. He was told he’d never walk again. However, he was back on his feet within months, proving his resilience is only outmatched by his faith.

After moving to Hope Springs for a fresh start, he’s hoping to finally close the door on his past. But it seems the ghosts that still haunt Jaxson have followed him here, bringing danger to his front door.

Margot Anderson had her entire life planned out. Then her husband left her and their thirteen-year-old son. She’s spent the last year holding their lives together with prayers and a positive outlook, and then a former Marine moves into her B&B.

Jaxson Payne is everything she should avoid. He’s handsome. Strong. And her older brother’s best friend. But as danger sets its sights on her, Jaxson is her shield, making it clear that there is nothing he won’t sacrifice for her and her son.


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Popular tropes in Tactical Revival

  • Older Brother's Best Friend

  • Single Mother

  • Wounded Marine

  • Forced Proximity

  • Loads of Sizzle (but no spice!)

  • Protective Hero

He's struggling to put down roots.

I'm fighting to keep the shattered remains of my family together...

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