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Meet Michael Anderson..

A woman who can’t let go. The wounded veteran who broke her heart.

The day Michael Anderson left town to join the military, is the day Reyna’s world came crashing down around her. They’d been high school sweethearts destined to walk down the aisle…until they weren’t.

Now, years later, he’s back and desperate for a second chance.

When someone tries to abduct her, Michael offers her his protection. But she worries it comes at a cost she can’t pay…her still broken heart.

Former Army Ranger Michael Anderson is good at what he does. A bodyguard for Knight Security, he’s highly sought after. So, when someone tries to kidnap the woman he still loves, Michael knows there is no one more qualified to protect her.

Unfortunately, Reyna’s trust in him was broken a long time ago. And if he’s going to earn it back, he has to do the second hardest thing he’s ever done…walk away and allow another member of his team to take the lead.

But after tragedy strikes, Michael and Reyna are pushed together once more, and this time he plans to make her see that he’s no longer the teen who walked away…but a man ready to risk it all.


Popular tropes in Second Chance Serenity

  • Second Chance

  • Small Town

  • Wounded Hero

  • Forced Proximity

  • Loads of Sizzle (but no spice!)

  • Brother's best friend

He shattered my heart, leaving me to pick up the pieces in a small town where everyone talks...
But now, I have no choice but to turn to him when the darkness threatens to swallow me whole.

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